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Scarefest X: Ten Years and Going Strong

By: Eric Brooks Correspondent


X. The 24th letter of the English alphabet. To Romans, the number ten. For Scarefest, this year X was the number not the letter. Ten years is a good run for any event and certainly for Scarefest and achieving that milestone created an opportunity to reflect on the past and look to the future. Both were done admirably this year. While Scarefest has generally been a great success in its first decade, it has at times faced challenges and after Scarefest 9, its most serious questions. Patti and Chuck Starr, the founders and owners of Scarefest, made the difficult decision to sell the show and retire from active participation in it. This meant that going into the tenth anniversary of the con, it would not be owned or managed by any of the original founders. Needless to say, this posed a number of questions about whether and how Scarefest would continue. Into the void stepped Brandon and Nicole Griffith. They bought Scarefest and began the process of rejuvenating and reorganizing the convention.

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Movie Review: The Funtime Show: A Horror Anthology

What does it mean to be famous? Is it the movie star you see walking down the street and instantly recognize? Is it a killer like Jack The Ripper, who’s alias is synonymous with serial killing and mystery, yet no one knows who The Ripper really was? Fame is a fluid thing, it has many levels from those famous within their own small circle to those who known throughout the world. Many people seek out fame in any form they can find and thanks to the internet the idea that everyone has 15 seconds of fame has changed. You now get 5 seconds and a meme if you’re lucky. But what would you be willing to do for that brief flash in the pan of notoriety? That’s the question being asked by Mr. Sunshine the clown on his mysterious website where he asks people to message him for a chance at fame and fortune by being a contestant on "The Funtime Show".


The Strange Case of the Octopus and the Kentucky Church Groups

-Nic Brown-


My wife Fiona and I both share a common interest in writing. I write fiction; werewolves, magic, and guns tend to populate my stories. Fiona, while she’s written some very good fiction, has made her name in non-fiction with books like “A Culinary History of Kentucky”, “Wicked Lexington” & “Nuclear Fusion and Fission”. Though our focus tends to be different, we both wanted to work together on a project. The success of “A Culinary History of Kentucky” with its blend of history and recipes gave us the idea to collaborate on a cookbook themed around another love we both share: B-Movies. That was how the idea for “The B-Movie Cookbook” was born. 


Movie Review: Super



Super heroes are everywhere. Well not in real life, but in the movies. For a long time the genre was not shown much love, relegated to B-Movie kids fare or made-for-TV movies. That began to change with the new millennium. Films like X-Men (2000) and Batman Begins (2005) ushered in a more serious take on the films, and more attractive box office returns for the studios.


In the midst of the rise of the theatrical Marvel Universe and the stuttering starts and stops of the DC film franchise a little super hero movie slipped in almost unnoticed. It’s the story of an ordinary guy in a red suit bringing justice to an unjust world--writer/director James Gunn’s Super.




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Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 2017

By: Eric Brooks


The snows have cleared, the trees are in buds, and the sounds of Irish bagpipes are fading in the air. Okay, there were no snows this year but the other two things can only mean the Lexington Comic and Toy Comic Convention has camecome and god again. Over the last 5 years the convention has become an incredibly successful regional event that last year attracted some 25,000 fans. This year's edition continued the run of success very well by maintaining the tradition of excellent guests, interesting and varied vendors, and outstanding logistics and adding a few new twists as well.

This year's was the 9th iteration of the horror/paranormal convention at the Lexington Convention Center in Lexington, KY. This year the event organizers opted for a special theme: Camp Scarefest. There were two major reasons for this: a celebration of 70s and 80s slasher films set at summer camps (especially Friday the 13th) and the opportunity to introduce the world to the new Friday the 13th video game. The event organizers did a nice job creating atmosphere by creating an awesome camp complete with bloody cots and trashed canoes where photos could be taken and by dressing the staff as camp counselors.

A Day with the Dead

By: Eric Brooks

In the summer of 2008, in search of the first issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, I made my way to A+ Comics here in Lexington. Russ, the proprietor, after having met my Buffy needs asked what sort of comics I was into. I said that I was generally into horror and sci/fi. Russ said he had something I might like and showed me a graphic novel with two registers of art on the cover, on of humans and the other of zombies. He put his hand over the living and said "You probably think it is about them" clearly showing the zombies. He then switched to cover the undead and said "actually it is about the living"


Get ready for some serious 1970's style fun from a 2016 film!

B Movie Man takes a look at the new L.A. Noir dark action/comedy
The Nice Guys

There is a lot of retro nostalgia going around. While sales of CDs have collapsed and DVDs are dropping fast, LP records and VHS tapes have become the ‘in thing’ with collectors. The 80s has been the big thing, but everyone knows disco is king and that means the 70s! Writer/Director Shane Black certainly knows that and he went full tilt boogey with his film The Nice Guys.


One of my dearest friends & the man who brought me into his family as well as his show, Vince Rotolo, has passed away. 
There is a lot I have to say and a lot I have to thank him for. However, right now I feel the best I can do is share some of what others have said. I will add my own voice later...

Mark Mawston Cinema Retro Magazine

Stephen D Sullivan Author

Rod Barnett - Bloody Pit of Rod Podcast

If you listened to the B Movie Cast and would like to pay do something to remember Vince, his wife Mary has asked that you make a donation in Vince's name to the
Ray & Diana HarryHausen Foundation

Thank you all. Vince was my friend and I will miss him more than I can say.
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Traveling in the Land of the Dead


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 Brooks talks zombies, filming locations

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Filmmaker Brian Cunningham shares the secret of indie film success in his feature article:
How to Make a Movie (and get it into Walmart) for $2,700


Some of the biggest names in Hollywood including, Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Peter Jackson, and many more will all tell you who inspired them when they went to the movies: Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen was a pioneer in the field of special effects, lending his magical touch to films like: "Mighty Joe Young", "20 Million Miles to Earth", "The Valley of Gwangi" and the original "Clash of The Titans"

Now a new documentary by writer/director Gilles Penso takes a look at the story of Ray Harryhausen. Spanning his career and talking to the filmmaker's he's inspired. "Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan" takes a wonderful look at the life and work of one of the true legendary artists of the silver screen.


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