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Review of Future Dairies aka Mirai Nikki

-by Adorable Alli-

Hello all!

 Hey everyone it's Adorable Alli coming back at you with another interesting episode of... well whatever it is I rant about. Today it's about anime.

One anime in particularly called Future Dairies or Mirai Nikki. Now sometimes I really enjoy anime that are cutesy, but Future Diaries is an INSANE homicidal trip about corruption of a young guy. We follow him as he is turned from pansy to hardened badass (just kidding he is always a pansy lol), but what starts all this mayhem you ask, well the god of the realm is dying and having a truly sadistic nature he decides the best way to figure out who should become the next god is with a murder game. The sole survivor of this game would become god. Now I am not blessed with omnipotence but I don't know if its the best idea to have the most murderous person you can find and give them command of all reality. However there is quiet a twist. Everyone has been given a diaries that can see the future . The down side of it is if your diary is destroyed you die. So its kinda like a really screwed up game of chess except with your life as the price of losing.

So lets recap: so far we've got a sadistic god that is dying from whatever kills gods... hey! Work with me here.... so the god is dying  and, a game of murder with one pansy hero guy. but the best thing, in my opinion, is the true main character, Gasai Yuno. now we all know of characters like lara croft, but this chick is epic and crazy like craziest ex girlfriend ever enough to make you shiver and it is gasai's true personality that really makes it stand out from all the other anime around. Wow this is really hard to write without spoilers XD ,but I must persevre lol.

Now there is one teenie tiny thing I have to say before we go any further. Subtitles Are Mandatory! Whether your an otaku or an anime noob this is one anime that has been completely massacred by American voice actors and MUST be watched with subtitles if you don't you lose so much dialog and the whole feel of the main characters. Truly you are not watching the same anime in english.

This anime is a murderous rampage but at the core its a love story, and one we all know. Boy meets girl, girl stalks boy, the boy and girl compete in a battle to the death at the end of which ony one can win and become god. But really this anime will tug at your heatstrings as it manipulates you into caring for these truly demented people.

The characters are really what makes Mirai Nikki a.k.a Future Diaries truly shines. Yuki is a kind of a wimp who has to rely on others to protect him, and ive seen plenty of people complain about this, but in all honesty i think that makes the anime so much better.

He's a 14 year old boy thrown into a battle royal with people trying to kill him, I would probly be a bit of a wimp if that happened to me too. He's forced to seek aid from and rely on others in order to survive. And he isnt without redeeming moments either. All the side characters are well developed and have their pasts and motives explained in the story and a few of them are just plain awesome. All that being said, the part of this anime that got me hooked, and the reason its become one of my favorites of all time, is the female lead Gasai Yuno. She's incredibly cute, and incredibly psychopathic, and the perfect yandere. Shes also one of the most unique characters I've ever seen in an anime. Most of the psychological thrills stem from trying to figure out what the heck shes going to do next. At one moment your scared of her, another you can't help but smile at how cute something she does is, then you notice the knife in her hand and your scared of her again. Sometimes you want her to do something insane and at others your shocked about something insane shes doing. She's the selling point on the entire anime for me.

Mirai Nikki was released in america Oct 9, 2011 when it was picked up by funimation (I was very shocked they would touch such an adult anime) and is only 26 episodes long. Which as far as animes go is relatively short, I'm looking at you naruto. Even though its so short you really do become friends and enemies with the characters. So what are you waiting for go watch this ANIME! 

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