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Where to Get Cosplay Wigs!

-by Adorable Alli-

Hello all!

My name is Adorable Alli and this is my guide to awesome cosplay if you have no ability to sew or build props like me ;)

First let’s talk wigs. I personally always go with synthetic materials. I use them mostly because decent human hair wigs are expensive, starting at $120 +, so for me synthetic wigs are a great, economical alternative.


Once you decide synthetic or real hair, the next question is where to get them? I have had great luck with two companies.  The first one, which is also my top choice, is Arda-Wigs. Their wigs are high quality and most are heat resistant. Just always remember one key point: if your cosplay has a parted hairstyle then make sure you check where and how large the skin cap is. Arda also has many great tutorials to help you cut and style your own wig. I can't stress enough the importance of doing this yourself, especially if you are on a budget. Having it done by a stylist or shop can cost upwards of 50$ and they can end up messing up REALLY bad (I know this from experience). Another benefit is that they are located in the US so your order won't take the typical 22-28 days an order from a China based supplier does.


The second Company I like to use is Epic Cosplay but, I only use them for the specialty wigs or if I can't find what I need at arda. Epic's wigs are high quality and heat resistant, but they are a bit more pricey and take longer to deliver.


Of course if all else fails there is always e-bay and Amazon, although I can not personally recommended either of them because I haven't ordered any wigs from there. Just remember that if you buy a crappy wig it will destroy even the best cosplays.


This has been “Where to Get Cosplay Wigs” stay tuned for more cosplay tips and maybe some pics ;)

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