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Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots (2004)

-Review by Nic Brown-

When a film has a title like DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS you immediately have some expectations. Chief among those expectations is that the film would best be aired late at night on one of the movie channels that play all of Jim Wynorski’s T & A epics like THE WITCHES OF BREASTWICK and CLEAVAGE FIELD. Not to say there is anything wrong with some tongue in cheek sexploitation cinema, but I was pleasantlysurprised to find that DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS was short on the “erotic” and long on laughs.


The film follows the exploits of two friends: Conrad Andrews (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE’s Conrad Brooks) and Frank Mannering (Michael R. Thomas). Conrad is a retired horror TV show host and Frank was a b-movie horror writer who worked with him on the show. Now Conrad is housesitting for Dr. Horace, a renowned sex therapist who runs his clinic from his home. When three new patients all show up at the same time, Conrad and Frank see an opportunity to make some of their financial problems go away by stepping in for the doctor to help his clients. Drawing on his background in horror film writing, Frank creates the persona of Dr. Horror, Dr. Horace’s mentor and offers his services to the trio.


The three patients, Valerie (Debbie Rochon), Mark (Trent Haaga) and Ashley (Nathan Sears), have a wide variety of sexual hang-ups which Frank and Conrad try to treat with horror and B-movie related anecdotes. The “treatments” pay homage to a number of classic horror films and staple stories from the genre including NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, THE WOLFMAN, FRANKENSTEIN, plus a number of 50’s & 60’s sci-fi and horror B-movies.


Known for their work in modern B-movie and Indie horror, it is great to see Debbie Rochon and Trent Haaga playing for laughs, without the usual blood and gore associated with their films. The movie is filled with inside jokes and quite a few cameo appearances by other industry favorites including Tina Krause, Ruby Larocca, Amy Lynn Best, Brinke Stevens, and more.


Written by film aficionado Paul Scrabo (who also directed the film) and Scream Queen Brinke Stevens, DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS often pokes fun at itself as it plays on other films. The movie is an extremely entertaining journey through an often maligned genre of cinema. If you are a fan of everything from the Universal horror films of the 30’s and 40’s to the films of Fred Olan Ray and Jim Wynorski, then check out DR. HORROR’S EROTIC HOUSE OF IDIOTS. You may wonder where the “erotic” part is but you won’t have any trouble finding the laughs.

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