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Creature (2011)

Review by Nic Brown


What do you get when you have six twenty–something friends driving through the back roads of Louisiana heading for a good time in New Orleans? Well, in the real world it would be the start of a vacation that would most likely end with some interesting videos being posted online. In the world of the movies though, this is the perfect set up for a horror film. “Creature” takes the premise and runs with it in some unusual directions.

Oscar (Dillon Casey) and his sister Karen (Lauren Schneider) have a taste for the macabre and when they stop at a roadside store and museum of the unusual run by Chopper (Sid Haig, who seems required by cinematic law to forever run creepy roadside attractions). While there, they learn that the legendary (at least in this remote part of Louisiana) home of Grimley Boutine is nearby. Oscar knows the story of Grimley and convinces the others to make a detour to see ‘the house built of blood’. The legend says that Grimley and his sister were the last surviving Boutines; not having any issues with the whole ‘genetic diversity’ thing, Grimley planned to wed his sister, but a giant gator came out of the swamp and took her. Distraught, the man searched the swamps in hope that his sister might still be alive. He found the creature’s lair. However, the beast had already killed her and was in the process of feasting on the rest of her flesh. Grimley killed the gator with his bare hands and descended into insanity. In his madness he ate the remains of the creature and his sister, then went off into the swamps where he changed into the half-gator monster known as Lockjaw.

The six friends make camp near the Grimley house and begin doing the things that young, healthy couples do when they are out in the woods. Only they aren’t alone. The locals they met at the roadside store have an agenda; they want sacrifices and a bride for their patriarch, the strange hybrid creature Lockjaw. It seems the monster is more than just a legend and these locals are hell bent on satisfying its needs as they believe it will in turn bring prosperity back to their region. Now the young travelers must fight to survive not just against a strange monster, but also against the equally strange locals out to help the creature.

“Creature” is a pretty good horror film. While it follows a lot of standard plot lines for the genre, it does manage to take a number of twists and turns that the viewer may not see coming. The special effects in the movie are also worth mentioning as “Creature” avoids the common mistake of many monster films today: CGI. While some digital effects are used, the film relies more on practical effects for both the monster and the gore that ensues from its less-than-friendly interactions. Overall, if you’re looking for fun little horror flick with a bucket or two of blood and more than one surprise, check out “Creature.” It’s worth watching and it reminds viewers of one cardinal rule: If you stop at a business in the middle of nowhere and Sid Haig is the guy behind the counter, turn around and go, bad things are bound to happen if you stay.



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