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Dry Spell (2013)

-Review by Nic Brown-


Divorce is never easy. Two people who decided to spend their lives together come to the conclusion that the idea may not have been so great. Then they have to go through financial and emotional turmoil while they figure out who gets what. Even in the best of cases, the whole process rarely ends well. But in “Dry Spell” things seem to be different for Sasha (Women of Horror featured actress Suzi Lorraine) and Kyle (“Dry Spell” writer, Kyle Hoskins). They’ve split up, but are still friends, something that seems strange to their respective best friends: Lacey (Amanda-Elizabeth Sawyer) who also happens to be Kyle’s sister, and Trey (Director Travis Legge in a small role of his own).


Sasha and Kyle’s continued friendship has its ups and downs for the pair as, during their weekly coffee  date, Sasha learns that Kyle hasn’t been seeing anyone since the break-up. This seems to bother her. It’s only when she’s out on a date though that Sasha realizes just how much she’s affected by Kyle’s self-imposed celibacy. Sasha discovers she can’t ‘get her juices flowing’ sexually and she thinks it’s because she feels guilty that Kyle isn’t seeing anyone. So Sasha sets out on a strange mission to get her ex-husband laid, in an effort to free herself from her own ‘dry spell’.


At first Kyle isn’t interested in her attempts to set him up with anyone; in fact she has to bribe him with the offer to return his favorite sofa that she kept after the divorce .The results of her efforts are not what Kyle would hope for as he goes through a series of dates with some very strange women. Eventually Kyle meets Mary (Rachael Robbins), the first woman who seems like she might have potential. All the while, Sasha has been growing more and more desperate to see Kyle succeed, to the point that she stalks him on his date and refuses the advice of her friends. The question soon becomes whether or not Sasha’s own personal dry spell is due to guilt over Kyle not getting to have sex with someone else, or her own unresolved feelings for him.

“Dry Spell” is a cute and quirky little independent romantic comedy that takes a funny look at the world of marriage, divorce and dating. The film never takes itself too seriously and that’s part of what makes it work. It doesn’t beat the viewer to death with drama or go out of its way to push laughs either. It is definitely a lower budget production and this shows in some of the film’s technical aspects, especially when it comes to sound. In some scenes it is much easier to hear the background noise than the foreground conversations. Still, if the viewer can be a little forgiving, the film is well worth watching.

Sasha (Suzi Lorraine) and Lacey (Amber-Elizabeth Sawyer) Photo courtesy of Suzi Lorraine's website:


Viewers may be surprised to see Suzi Lorraine in the lead role as Sasha, since she is best known for her work as a horror actress. If moving outside of her normal genre was a problem for Lorraine, it didn’t show. She carried off both the comic and dramatic elements of the part with aplomb, making her character sweet, sympathetic and somewhat desperate without going over the top. Lorraine’s co-star, Kyle Hoskins, also handled his role well, bringing a light hearted, good nature to his character.

Overall, “Dry Spell” is a fun little romantic comedy that avoids falling into the clichés of the genre that most Hollywood studio films thrive on. So check out Travis Legge’s “Dry Spell” and remember sometimes you just need to a pint of ice cream and a good cry to get you ready for something better… Wow, did I really just write that?

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