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The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy (2007)

--Review by Super Tromette Asphyxia--

For the ADD in all of us, I highly recommend watching The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy, a short film by Richard Taylor and Zack Biens. I came across this film at Tromadance New Mexico and I was truly impressed. The intro features an appearance by Lloyd Kaufman and sets the stage for a deliciously gory, yet romantic experience of a cannibal and her true love found with a boy born out of incest. I’m a huge fan of gore and this film definitely delivers with outrageous scenes of cannibalism portrayed by Janine Laurent who plays Cannibal Girl. Within 14 minutes the love between the two main characters is depicted through various scenes set to an electronic/punk/psychedelic soundtrack by Tim Johnson. The film itself has no dialogue and this works for the way the film was shot. It’s basically like watching a home video of a sadistically loving couple who have chosen to chronicle the good, the violent and the bloody journey of their love affair. If only all romantic flicks could have the same awesome, gory edge that Richard and Zack provide, I might actually watch them.

The DVD has some great extra features including behind the scenes footage, commentary, music videos, two more short films and much more. You should definitely buy this one! For more information on where to purchase The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy check out You can also check it out at the 9th Annual Tromadance Film Festival happening January 18-25, 2008 in Park City, Utah. Support independent art!

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