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-Review by Nic Brown-


Stupid teenagers, they always seem to cause trouble. In MY NAME IS BRUCE, the small town of Gold Lick, Oregon, finds that trouble in the form of the Chinese God of War (and patron saint of bean curd) Guan-Di. When hapless teens desecrate the resting place of Chinese miners killed in an accident in the 19th century, the vengeful spirit is unleashed to kill all of those involved and their families. The only teen to escape the first attack is Bruce Campbell fan Jeff (Taylor Sharpe). Now, thanks to everyone in the town being related to each other, Guan-Di will stop at nothing to kill them all.


Of course Jeff, with his arsenal of B-movie trivia, knows just what to do. He kidnaps Bruce Campbell (Campbell plays a parody of himself) believing that his heroic deeds on the silver screen must translate to true heroism and the ability to slay monsters. Campbell goes along, thinking it is part of a birthday surprise set up for him by his agent Mills (Ted Raimi). Meanwhile, Jeff has the whole town convinced that Bruce Campbell is going to save them. Campbell is happy to take advantage of the town’s hospitality and flirt with Jeff’s mother Kelli (Grace Thorsen) and bumble his way through to the battle with Guan-Di. However, when he learns that this is no movie and the monster is real, he heads for the hills. Will Bruce’s conscience bring him back to the town’s aid or will he chicken out and let his biggest fan be chopped into mincemeat?


The first thing a viewer must know about the film MY NAME IS BRUCE is that half of the jokes are aimed at fans of Bruce Campbell. If you believe EVIL DEAD is a band or ARMY OF DARKNESS is about the filming of APOCALYPSE NOW, then you may still enjoy the film, but you will be missing a lot of the fun. For Campbell fans, MY NAME IS BRUCE is a rare treat. Campbell is brilliant, playing a comedic, down on his luck version of himself who is every bit as bumbling, arrogant and fun to watch as his most famous character: ASH from the EVIL DEAD series.


Written by Mark Verheiden and directed by Campbell himself, MY NAME IS BRUCE may on the surface appear to be standard monster movie fluff. However, the film rises above that because of Campbell and his brilliant performance playing the role he was born to play: himself! If you’re a fan of Bruce Campbell you can’t miss this film. If you’re a fan of B-movies then you won’t be disappointed. If you are neither of those, you may still want to check out MY NAME IS BRUCE. The film has some of the best written “bad” dialogue you will ever hear and it delivers what it promises: lots of laughs and a fun B-movie ride. So check out MY NAME IS BRUCE and remember “shop smart, shop S-Mart. Ya got that!”

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