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"Number 8"— Optic Nerve Productions

The news isn't good for the victim in "Number 8"

Optic Nerve Productions has released a number of “mini” horror films for viewing through U-Tube and their website. Although none of the films is very long, all of them clocking in at less than 10 minutes, they are well made and often thought provoking. One of the films is “Number 8” which is a very simple story with almost no dialogue until the end.

It follows a woman’s brutal kidnapping and the five days of psychological torture that follow. Mostly shown from the view of the kidnapper watching his victim through a hidden surveillance camera, the film allows the viewer to become almost immediately empathically involved with the victim as her ordeal plays out.

The motivations of the kidnapper are a mystery and the final fate of the woman… we’ll you’ll have to watch and determine for yourself. The film, although short, does not play out like someone’s home movie. Rather, Optic Nerve has made a film that looks professionally made and manages to, in a very short time, both intrigue and disturb the viewer with the story that unfolds. If you have some time to kill on the internet, check out “Number 8” from Optic Nerve Productions and see for yourself, all it will cost you is the time you invest.

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