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-Interview by Nic Brown-


Bianca Barnett is a dark haired beauty who isn’t afraid to take chances. For her film ALBINO FARM, Bianca hides her looks under silicone and make-up as she plays “Pig Bitch”, one of the film’s more disturbing villains. Some actresses might shy away from playing a role like this, but Bianca doesn’t run from a challenge, she embraces it. An actress and model who’s also working on a college degree, Bianca has developed a devoted fan base from her modeling and indie film work. With four film projects in the works and a full course load at school, Bianca’s definitely not one to just sit around and wait for her chance, she’s out there earning it. Now Bianca’s taking time to talk with us about her work in ALBINO FARM, how she got started in the business and why you can’t always believe everything you read on the Internet Movie DataBase.


Nic - Bianca, how did you get started in film?

Bianca - I started out as a model in my hometown with hair shows, runway and working with local photographers. I knew that I wanted to branch out, so once I turned 18, I packed up my car and moved to Los Angeles all by myself. People thought I was insane, and looking back, it was a very ballsy (even stupid because it could have been dangerous) thing to do. I don't recommend that to young people - planning things out will make your transition much smoother and easier! I continued to model in Los Angeles and became interested in learning more about acting and film. I was a huge indie film junkie and wanted to follow in the footsteps of all the cool, young actors and actresses that were getting films on IFC and going to Sundance. That was my dream - to be an indie darling!

Nic - You've got a new feature coming out soon called ALBINO FARM. Can you tell us a little about the film and your role in it?

Bianca - It is actually out now on DVD, but you can only rent it or order it through websites (including mine). Eventually it might be released in stores, but I'm not absolutely sure. I play the lead mutant - an evil, deformed woman lovingly nicknamed "Pig Bitch", who has a penchant for rusty hay hooks. She is ultimately wicked with an unquenchable bloodlust, but I believe it stems from years of isolation as an outcast from society.

Nic - I know you’ve starred in a number of horror films, but do you enjoy watching them as well?

Bianca - Oh yes, horror is my favorite genre! I watch older horror movies and my favorites tend to be from the 1970s and 1980s. Some of them can be corny, but that seems to make them better. I’ve noticed things were much less PC then, and that some really twisted subject matter is portrayed - sometimes brutally. I have been shocked more by older films than by anything modern.

Nic - Why do you think the horror genre is so popular? 

Bianca - It has been said a million times, but it still holds true - people love being scared. It is a safe way to experience something simultaneously exciting and horrifying. For me, movies are an escape from reality and I love when a film actually makes me feel something or inspires me to be a better actress.

 Nic - So what are some of your favorite horror movies?

Bianca - Really, there are so many, I feel like I was raised on horror films.… I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been drawn to them. Lately, I have been watching many obscure horror movies. I love anything from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Even if it is terrible, I still find it entertaining! I really like the practical monster effects and crazy gore. It seems like films were less politically correct back then, and they were willing to go to some bizarre places and explore some taboo themes. It’s refreshing to watch something that’s original and unexpected. They make me feel creative and excited about being in movies.

Nic - How about Scream Queens?


Bianca - Well, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis, because she just seems adorable and fun! Sigourney Weaver is my favorite action heroine, as Ripley. Of course, my all time favorite is Vincent Price, though I think he’d question being called a “queen”.

Nic - As an actress what do you find to be the most challenging part of a new role?

Bianca - The absolute worst for me is auditioning, but after that, I find it difficult to watch my performance. I don't like seeing myself on camera, BUT I make myself watch each performance so I know how to improve the next time around. It's also hard to part ways with a crew after filming.... You really do become close-knit, and they feel like family.

Nic - Do you have any desire to step behind the camera and write or direct your own film?

Bianca - That used to be a dream of mine and I originally went to college to study filmmaking. I quickly learned it wasn't for me, but I gained a new respect for all the hard work that goes into making a film. It seems that the performers and some directors get all the glory, but really it takes SO many people to create a film. Even if that film is a flop, I can always respect the work of those talented individuals who put their heart and soul into it because they truly love the art of film making.

Nic - So what does Bianca Barnett do for fun?

Bianca - Even though I am young, I've left behind all the wild partying! I'm an avid movie watcher, so there are many nights spent at home on the couch. I love going to dinner with friends, modeling, shopping, playing with my dogs, working on my website, nature walks, signing at conventions, and meeting fans. I really want to be in a movie that has an actual premiere one day! I dream about getting gussied up and having photographers snap away. Maybe one day I'll get to have that experience - I'd either be grinning ear to ear like a goof, or crying because I'd be so happy.


Nic - Are you working on any new films at the moment?

Bianca - Currently, I am in negotiations for at least four films this year – THE TOY BOX, LUNCHMEAT, KISSING JAKE, and VENGENCE WEARS A SKIRT. I am hoping to be in all of these films and of course, I am open to any other promising roles that might come along. I love performing and as long as I am offered parts, there will be no signs of slowing down.

Nic - Are there any filmmakers in particular that you would like to work with and what makes you interested in their work?

Bianca - I love working with Jason (Barnett) because he has an eye for composition and lighting. I’m hoping that I will continue to grow as a performer and as I get better and more experienced, more rewarding roles will follow. This doesn’t mean I am putting down low budget films! Some of the best pictures ever made relied more on creativity rather than budget. I would just like more people to be exposed to my work, including directors and writers that find inspiration in me.

Nic - We've talked about "the fun side" of horror films, but some people are critical of them for the excessive violence and often for their portrayal of women. As an actress who enjoys horror films and works in the genre, what are your thoughts about that?


Bianca - I get uncomfortable anytime I watch a movie that has excessive violence toward anyone, especially women, animals, and children. Actually, in Albino Farm I am the head villain, which was a huge reason why I chose the film. I believe that we are all capable of doing wretched things, but ultimately, you have to make choices in life. I hope that you make positive choices that benefit society. Horror films are a reflection of our subconscious fears and desires. Anytime I can exorcise my personal demons through something constructive, I feel I am taking steps in the right direction and growing as a human being.


Nic - One last question, what is up with your IMDB page? I've heard that there is a lot of "questionable" information on it. Is that true?


Bianca - Yes! I have politely written IMDB asking them to correct info that was wrong, but I never heard a response. They have me listed as a few years older than I am, which isn’t a big deal, because I don’t want my actual personal information out there and accessible to just anyone. In addition, they listed my birth name incorrectly- my legal surname is pretty common, AND, like my two sisters, I wasn’t given a middle name. The worst is that they have listed some movies I am not even in! I have never been to Denmark, or off the North American continent! Oh well, it is annoying, but there are bigger things to be concerned about.

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