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Few actresses can say they have as much or as diverse an amount of experience as Debbie Rochon. Actress,

 writer, producer and radio show host; it's no surprise that in 2004 Debbie Rochon was inducted into the B-Movie Hall of Fame. Now B-Movie Man has a chance to ask one of his favorite Women of Horror a few questions about some of her numerous projects!


Nic--Debbie, you've co-authored a couple of books "Attack Of The B Queens" and "The B-Movie Survival Guide" do you have any new writing projects in the works?

Debbie--Yes I am co-writing a couple of scripts now. I am not working on a new book yet. Although I have


taken many notes down over the past for my autobiography. It's tough dealing with such intense subject matter because it brings up a lot of memories but I write things when I can. I also write for a few different magazines as well so my writing keeps me very busy.

Nic--Some of your most memorable roles have been as killers & psychos ("American Nightmare", "Hell Block 13" jump to mind) is it more fun to play that kind of character in horror?


Debbie--YES! It is far more fun to play demented characters than 'normal' ones for me. I love the intensity of it. Regular characters are difficult for me to relate to and therefore I don't think I play them as well. But give me a psycho role any day! I love it. I just played a wonderful role in Ivan Zuccon's film Colour From The Dark which was shot in Italy. Ivan is the most amazing director and cinematographer. The role was fantastic. I go from a normal wife to a very sick and possessed creature that kills everyone she comes in contact with. Of course the story is far more complicated than that. It is based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story called The Colour From Out of Space. I think this will be a very special film. I am honored to have

 worked with these people.

Nic--What kind of role do you play in the upcoming film "Savaged"?

Debbie-- In Savaged I play a woman who is running away from an abusive boyfriend and takes a job dog sitting so that her boyfriend can't find her. Well he does but what he doesn't know, and neither does she, is that the dog has been ressurected from the grave by it's owners and has quite a temper and a strength when threatened or pissed off! It was a real joy working on the movie with my friend Jason Liquiri. I can't wait to see the finished film.

Nic--You recently went to Europe to work on a film, what's the new movie and how was it working in Europe?

Debbie Rochon in Nic's favorite scene from
Tromeo & Juliet!

Debbie--Well I have recently made two movies in Europe, one that I have already mentioned Colour From The Dark and the other is Timo Rose's Fearmakers. Fearmakers is a movie about a woman who's sister is brutally murdered in Germany and she enlists that help of a couple of paranormal investigators, played by Joe Davison and Timo Rose, to help her solve the crime once she realizes the police won't help her. This is the second movie I have made with Timo, the first was Lord Of The Undead in which I play Lilith, daughter of Satan, who kicks the crap out of Jesus. I always have a great time working with him and the German crew. They're great fun!





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