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-Interview by Nic Brown-

Jessica Palette (center) with Susan Adriensen (left) and KimberlyAmato (right)

Although she wasn’t the winner of VH1’s SCREAM QUEENS, Jessica Palette definitely stole the show. Of course anyone who had seen her performance as the troubled young woman “Jessie” in Susan Adriensen’s UNDER THE RAVEN’S WING wouldn’t be surprised. Jessica brought mixed innocence and vulnerability with murderous devotion in the film to create a memorable character that could generate feelings sympathy and horror in equal measures with the audience. Now this up and coming independent actress is talking to B Movie Man Nic Brown about her experiences on SCREAM QUEENS, her work in independent film, and how much fun it will be to play a sociopath in her next film!


Nic - Jessica, you were one of the three main characters in Susan Adriensen's UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING. Can you tell us a little about your character in the film?

Jessica - In UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING, I play Jessie who is in her early 20's and living in the same town in New Jersey that she grew up in her whole life. She is very sweet and shy at times, but innocent No WAY! Jessie is your typical lost soul cult follower, and don't put it past her to be brainwashed into doing anything her lover and soul mother raven tells her to do.

Nic - Your character in UNDER THE RAVEN’S WING, Jessie, seems very different from you. How do you prepare yourself to play a role like that?

Jessica Palette (center) with some of the other contestants on VH1's SCREAM QUEENS

Jessica - When I auditioned for UNDER THE RAVEN'S WING I actually auditioned for Raven and Jessie, when I was done Susan asked me who I would rather play if I had the chance, I said JESSIE. There was something about her that I instantly connected with inside, that feeling of wanting to belong and feel for something or someone. I went with those emotions and working off of Kim (RAVEN), it was very easy.

Nic - You've been featured on VH1's Scream Queens. How has that experience affected you?

Jessica - Scream Queens was an unbelievable experience, and I am so happy I did it. An amazing thing that the show did for me was to help me stop judging people without knowing them. I don't think people realize how often they pass judgments on people on TV or in the industry that they know nothing about personally, I learned to stop doing that, and I am so happy for that awareness. The show also magnified some of my most amazing qualities, as well as some of my absolute worst, and to have that mirrored back to you is a very unique experience. I also learned not to take myself so seriously (Thank you John Homa), and there is no set path on how I want my career to happen anymore. I will never give up on what I love to do, and I don't feel the pressure anymore to "make it" but to just be happy doing what I love to do. What's the rush...ya know?

Nic - I understand that there might be a second season of Scream Queens. What advice would you give to the actresses getting ready for that experience?

Jessica Palette in DADDY'S GIRL

Jessica - I have heard rumors of that as well, but I don't know is it definite?! Well if so...I would say GIVE IN TO THE EXPERIENCE, don't hold back, or worry about what people think of you or your acting. Easier said then done, that was definitely my biggest problem; I was so worked up all the time.

Nic - During your time on Scream Queens you were exposed to a lot of the “requirements” of being a leading actress in a horror film. What are your thoughts on the portrayal of women in these films?

Jessica - I feel that the portrayal of leading horror ladies from Scream Queens was very accurate. You need to be vulnerable and soft, but just as fast able to kick some major ass. Before doing Scream Queens I never realized how the leading actress really does have to be a big "ass kicker".

Nic - As an actress what is it that you look for in a role?

Jessica - The biggest thing is the connection, or feeling I get when reading about the character, or when reading the script. It's hard to explain but certain scripts hit you in the gut and you just "have to play that role". Then there are also the projects, that you know you would simply have sooo much fun doing!

Nic - So what do you think would be your dream role to play?


Jessica - My dream role is AGNES from AGNES OF GOD, I have such a strong connection to that play. I NEED to play AGNES on Broadway someday. As far as film, my dream role is something that pushes the envelope, and makes you feel something you haven’t before. What that is, I'm not sure yet........but it will happen I know it.

Nic - Many actresses also have aspirations to work on the other side of the camera. Would you like to sit in the director's chair?

Jessica - I have never had aspirations to sit in the director’s chair. I don't really see myself there although I know someday I will write something, whether it be a script based on all the f'd up dreams I have, or a book about things I have always wanted to express but haven't been able to... yet;).

Actress Jessica Palette

Nic - When you're not making movies, what films do you like to watch?

Jessica - Ohhh okay so I tend to lean toward movies that will make me feel, cry mostly, I’m such an emotional masturbator.

Nic - What made you want to become an actress?

Jessica - I don't think I chose acting... it chose me. My earliest memories would have to be when I was very young, maybe 7 or 8, and trying to make myself cry in the mirror to see how many different ways I could do it, and seeing how it made me feel, and what I looked like. I became addicted to this (with all different kinds of emotions), and I think the last time I did it was 2 days ago.

Nic - How do you think the internet is changing the movie industry, both for independent film and the big studios?

Jessica - The internet is most definitely 100% changing the film industry, especially for independent film makers! It gives them an outlet to show case their work without having to get permission from a big studio, I think it's great! If someone in the industry won’t give you a job, you give yourself a job!

Nic - Tell us something about you that people might find surprising to know.

Jessica - Well I definitely DON’T have a lot of skeletons in my closet that's for sure, I’m pretty much an open book for good or bad. The one thing that people are surprised by is that more than anything I want to experience life, be in love, and have 2 kids (not now, but sometime before I’m 33). I definitely want to make a family more than anything.

Nic - So what is next for Jessica Palette?

Jessica - Next I am set to do a film in April called DADDY'S GIRL. I am playing a sociopath, and it will be great fun. :) Very challenging, mentally and physically but I can't wait! UNDER THE RAVEN’S WING is also set to come out for distribution sometime soon, and I am very excited about that! I am just going to keep working hard, and never give up!

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