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-Interview by Nic Brown-


What can you say about someone whose list of interests include: horror movies, anime, video games, guns and bows, serial killers, and kung fu movies? Well if you’re talking about Nikki Kruex, you can say that you’re just scratching the surface of this actress, model, musician, paranormal investigator and artistic Jill-of-all-trades! In fact if you visit her website,, you’ll find a page for just about every aspect of the entertainment industry. Somehow Nikki still manages to find time for fun and when she does you may find her doing anything from shooting a crossbow to playing Grand Theft Auto. Of course with multiple film projects, a new album coming out soon and a paranormal investigation show just waiting to take off, you won’t find her relaxing much. Fortunately, B Movie Man Nic Brown managed to pin down this creative tornado long enough to get her to answer a few questions about her work in film, how she got her start, and why you might catch her out shopping covered in Karo syrup blood splatter!


Nic- So Nikki, how did you get started in acting?


Nikki- This is always an interesting question...Often times I think I should answer it like The Dark Knight version of Joker and give a different rendition for every circumstance, but not today. If you go as far back as I can remember? I started acting at 8, maybe 9? I would put on silly little plays for my parents using soundtracks from great movies on a blanket and bed sheet stage in our basement. I wrote, directed, and acted in each one though I can barely remember the subject matter of any of them. My first real on stage experience was in 6th grade, I was cast in the role of Dracula in a play titled Hollywood Hotel that was shown before both the entire school and our parents. That night was the first indication of a future on the stage, my scene partner (I can't quite remember her name) bailed on me just minutes before our scene she hid herself in the dressing room crying over some boy?! So here I was with two roles and no partner, so on instinct I quickly reworked the roles in my head and took to the stage as a single entity... I didn't miss a beat... and I was only 12. In addition to 7 years of competitive dance training my entire childhood was spend on stage so it was only natural to come back to it one day.


Nic- As an actress, what is your biggest challenge when you take on a new role?


Nikki- Finding the character. I often spend much of the time I am reading the lines... not learning them. Weird right? But if I learn the lines they are only lines and have no depth or value, I need to feel the part like a child feels his/her imaginary friend. The words come later. In a way, you place yourself into that character, you breath through their lips and if you've done it right you become them. Now of course this is difficult when the role is cheesy... I've been told I don't play the ditz very well!!! I suppose I'm just a glutton for hard won roles, those that require personality and difficulty. So really? My biggest challenge is hiding myself.


Nic- Is it true you’re not just an actress and model but also a comic book hero?

Nikki- LOL. I suppose you could say that!! I spent much of my teenage years in a self conscious shell, so when the opportunity to force myself to do something so against my nature arose I fought my instinct to run. Forty some photographers later? I still hate taking pictures, but I've gained so much in self realization, inner strength, and personal acceptance that it was all worth while. That said, it's rare to find me watching my own movies or stock piling photo shoots because I have a vanity count of -20. I love doing it, but I don't dig seeing the result. Sad huh? Although... I do make one stellar comic book hero!! I did a photo shoot with Twin City who creates live action comic books, with all of the heroes they've created it was an all out consensus that I was one of the best!! That certainly made me feel pretty cool, if only just briefly.


Nic- Movies, TV, comics, modeling, the next thing you’ll tell me is that you’re a musician have an album coming out soon too.

Nikki- Well, I'm not a musician at all... I've dabbled in music just for fun!! I love to sing, though I'm not real great at it, I recorded a track called Serial Killer with Black Light Productions last year. It was amazing fun but not a career for me in the least. I want everything I do to be focused in film, but having the ability to be a triple threat doesn't hurt right? I may go back in the studio eventually, my company TRIWAR
Pictures has just launched a music division titled ADD Entertainment headed by Grammy nominee track artist Shawn J and Minneapolis socialite and TRIWAR Vice President Shannon O. So who knows what I may do down the line?


Nic- Which would you rather play: the kick-ass hero or the bad-ass villain, and why?


Nikki- Villain! Villain! Villain! I've been the hero so many times... IN LUST, FUNLAND, OVERFLOW, AFTER, etc, etc…. Always the hero! I did get a chance to play the devil last year in a short called THE PACT it was more fun then almost any role I've played yet!! But I've met my match in a character named Quintana in the yet to be filmed ZEN: HUNTER, she has the ability to provide me the breakout role I've been desperately seeking she is fierce, unrelenting, sensual, sexual, and no pun intended.... biting. A Spanish aristocrat vampire in a modern day setting, I'm yearning for day one of filming!!! I'm certain it will be soon and I'm counting the days.


Nic- Who are some of the actresses you admire and do they influence your work?

Nikki- Inspirational actresses, I don't get this question asked enough!!! I adore Meryl Streep, Cathrine O'Hara, Audrey Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Zooey Deschanel, Famke Jannsen, Angelina Jolie (more for her strength and sexual charisma then her acting) and believe it or not Dakota Fanning. As for them influencing my work? Hell yeah!! They not only influence it, they are the very reason I do what I do. I want to one day grace that giant screen and give back all of the various emotions these actresses have given me.... Hopefully even inspire someone else to travel the same path.


Nic- What are your thoughts on the portrayal of women in horror films?


Nikki- The roles of women are constantly changing. Women are directing, producing, and writing film as much as they are heroes and villains in film. I don't think they will ever not be the entity that brings the sex but they will continue to build a stronger more memorable presence as the years pass. We've yet to see a female equal to the kingdoms of the acting gods like Robert Downey Jr, Jack Nicholson or Johnny Depp. Until recently there was less expectation for women in relation to the kind of wit and strength male led roles have given the world, but the victim card has been played out and the girls are stepping up the game.


Nic- Speaking of writing, producing and directing, are those things that you’d be interested in doing yourself or do you want to stay in front of the camera?


Nikki- LOL... Already in the process!! I have two films and one television show on the slate for my company TRIWAR Pictures right now!! In the EYES OF SILENCE (written by Joshua LeSuer, C.A. Bryers and myself) and THE STORY OF ANNIE KELLISTER (written by me) are two feature length films I'm looking to direct and produce in the next twelve months along side the paranormal investigation show DEAD RECKONING. We also have several more films on the slate in concept state ready for development! So I guess you could say that, "Sure, I'm interested…"


Nic- What about the title Scream Queen, would you like to be known as one or do you think that would limit your options?


Nikki- I guess that depends on who you talk to. Right now, it's just good solid fun, but I'm not really honest to goodness 'Scream Queen' material. I was once told by a production manager for Steven Spielberg, "You can have a great future in film but you have to do a few things first, get out to

 Hollywood... train like mad... and stop doing that B horror crap…" But the problem is? Tripping during an antagonist chase or not, I LOVE IT! There is nothing like hitting the store on the way home from a great shoot covered in Karo blood splatter. One day I'm sure I will move on.... There is a lot more in me then anyone has seen and it will just take the right catalyst to get me there, but for now? Bring on the killer clowns!


Nic- You mentioned your work on the paranormal investigation show DEAD RECKONING. Can you tell us a little about the show and your role in it?


Nikki- Of course!! I'm not 100% sure what the future of that will be? Things are constantly changing and I don't want to try and solidify it's current state publicly when the whole show is up in the air BUT what I can say is that Scotty Roberts (the Executive Producer and head of the show) is an amazing paranormal celebrity that will one day be as popular as Jason and Grant of the Ghost Hunters and sooner or later he will find the spring board he deserves. I'll just be happy to have even the tiniest part of the 'explosion'.


Nic- How do you think technology is changing the movie business both in production and distribution?


Nikki- Well, celluloid will one day be obsolete no doubt. Going digital eliminates error in a lot of cases, BUT it also makes us lazy. The great SFX of the past (ie. animatronic dinosaurs in JURASSIC PARK) are slowly being replaced by lazy digital recreations, and this isn't always a good thing (see ULTRA VIOLET or CHILL).

I do think technology can improve the industry, but I also think it can hinder it if not used in moderation and by the right people. Technology has opened the industry to every Tom, Dick, and Harry and the problem is Dick and Harry have no business holding a camera and are using this new found technology to produce less then stellar results that eventually ruin the financial industry on funding Tom... it's a growing epidemic like the viral spread of the internet, everyone wants that 15 mins but not everyone should be seeking it. I don't wish to discourage anyone from reaching for the stars!! But always make sure you are honest with yourself as to the value of the product at hand.


On a positive note... technology is providing the indie world the means to save us from the formulaic remake dribble Hollywood is guilty of peddling (ie the PROM NIGHT remake?!) So I guess it's a 50/50 advantage?


Nic- We’ve talked about making movies a lot, but when you get to sit down and watch a movie, what are some of your favorites?


Nikki- Alright!!! My tastes span a variety of genres... from the action packed genius that is Guy Ritchie’s SNATCH to the feminine atmosphere of the period piece VANITY FAIR, it all depends on my mood, but my top 10 in all Genres?


10. ZOOLANDER!! (lol)











Nic- You’re a gamer. What is your favorite game system and which game do you play the most?

Nikki- Play Station 2 hands down... Though I have yet to get part three to this amazing system The Playstation industry has had me since 'Hello'. I will always love my original NES and SNES had an unbeatable collection of brilliant games. Nintendo 64 was a novelty but couldn't hold a candle to SNES, and the Game Cube? Well, I have one it's never made it out of the box... I DO however have the Virtual boy and played that frequently during high school (despite the seizure warnings). Sega was only cool for Altered Beast and the Dreamcast was a waste of time. I only have the X-Box for Dance Dance Revolution and we just recently purchased a Wii (yet, I only play Game Cube games on it, go figure?) ..I guess I should also mention that I have a Game Gear, Nintendo DS, and Playstation PSP as well. I never did get around to buying Sega CD... ewe, or an Xbox 360 (don't use the first gen enough to justify the purchase), the PS3 is still far too pricey but I'll crack soon enough, and the Game Boy Advance that was... isn't, but will be once again!!

As for games? That's an evil question, so I will list my top ten for today: Final Fantasy 7, Katamari Damacy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Castlevania, ICO, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Shadowgate, Starfox, Star Wars Pod Racer, Warcraft 2 (Oh yeah, the old school computer version too!! I keep an old 60 gig Toshiba satellite with Windows 3.1 just so I can play Warcraft 2).


Nic- To listen to that list someone could think you spend all of your time playing video games. However, I understand that you have a few outdoor hobbies as well. Can you tell us a little about that part of your life?


Nikki- Well, I did say I love video games, but I didn't say I've had time to play them, which makes me sad. I usually pick one or two days a month to hard core geek, the rest of the time I'm working. Now for outdoor activities, I've never purposely killed an animal in my life, but I do like shooting the crossbow and recently was given the opportunity to shoot my first 22! Other then that I love downhill skiing, horseback riding, ATV racing, rollerblading, and if I lived on the coast I'd probably love to surf!


Thank you so much for this opportunity! And please readers, check out FUNLAND, ZEN: HUNTER, TRINITY, and the upcoming LONGWOOD!

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