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-Interview by Nic Brown-

When Reyna Young was a little girl she saw John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN for the first time. That film helped her discover a love for the horror genre that would inspire her creative side. Now Reyna has her own production company, Last Doorway Productions, and hosts her own online program, The Last Doorway Show, as her alter ego Miss Misery. As if hosting the show and making short horror films was not enough, now Reyna is working on a feature documentary on women working in the horror industry.


Reyna has put her put down her camera and taken off her filmmaker hat for a few minutes to talk with us today about her work, her love of the horror genre and what seeing her watching THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE can tell you about her mood!


Nic - Reyna you are the owner and driving force behind Last Doorway Productions. Can you tell us something about Last Doorway Productions and how you got started?

Reyna - I gave birth to Last Doorway Productions about two years ago. It was something I had in mind for a while but didn't go through with. I had a lot of people who I thought were my friends tell me it was a dumb idea and I'd never make it. But eventually I got over what everyone else said and did what I wanted to do. I basically started it to help get my short films watched. I started out with short films that I wrote and I produced and
directed and also acted in. Then it evolved into an online show called "The Last Doorway" helping other independent artists get their short films or anything else they have out there. Now Last Doorway Productions presents "A Nightmare To Remember" - a film fest we throw every year in San Francisco, helping short horror films get shown....

Nic - Your credits include Horror Hostess, Writer, Director, Producer, Actress, Make-up Artist, and you even do scoring. Which one of these many jobs do you enjoy the most and why?

Reyna - That is a hard question because I enjoy all that I do! They are all me and all fun. My number one love is my guitars!! I play guitar and love to write music. That's my number one passion. But also directing is so much fun and so me. I love creating and putting it down on paper and then filming it. Directing is my passion!!!

Nic - Can you tell us a little about your newest project: WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE: WOMEN IN HORROR?

Reyna - It is a documentary that I have had in my head for a while now to help focus on the women in the genre. Our future in horror. I wanted to really put out there what women have to go through in the genre. Not just Scream Queens but also the directors, FX artists, horror photographers, etc.... I want to show the world the sick and twisted female minds behind the future of this genre, from questions like "How do you feel about the way women are treated in horror films?" to "What does horror mean to you?"

Nic - In your documentary you've asked a lot of women in the horror industry this so now I have to ask you: what does horror mean to Reyna Young?

Reyna - Horror to me means when you’re standing in a dark room and you’re alone, all of a sudden you can feel a presence of someone in there with you but you cannot see them, and you look around but all you can do is feel them. Your heart races, your hair on your body stands up and you start to shake because you know something bad is about to happen. And all you can do is stand there and be scared, not knowing what is about to happen to you. That to me is horror. Having that moment of fright, being chased by a big guy with a chainsaw, having the fear but loving every moment of it. When I saw Halloween

for the first time it was strange because I wasn't even really that scared; I mean I was scared but I loved it, it intrigued me. Being frightened of this thing intrigued me to keep wanting more of it.

Nic - So what's been the most surprising thing you've found out while working on WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE?

I think the most surprising thing would be I have learned a lot more about myself and what I want out of this genre and where I am going with it in the future. Now knowing about all these talented women and where they come from and their passions really inspires me and gives me more hope that I can make a difference in this genre and do what I have always wanted to do, and not be held back just because it's male dominated or I have people telling me I can't succeed in this business. That's what I have learned….

Nic - Other than your documentary, do you have any plans to do a feature length horror film of your own?

Reyna - Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm planning on making two of my short films into features. CONFESSION and OUT OF PRINT.....
I am working on scripts right now and hope to soon be finished with. Not only are they original but something new to add to the genre. You know, something fresh. I cannot wait to start shooting. This documentary has taken up a lot of my time because I want to make it perfect. But yes I cannot wait to get started in filming them!!

Nic - How do you think the internet is changing the film/television industry?

Reyna - I think the internet is wonderful. You can self publish anything and sell it. You can start your own website, merchandise store, anything really. It doesn't help for major companies who want to distribute your film and take a percentage because I can just do it myself and keep all the profit! I think we will be seeing a change in the film and television industry as the years go by. It does make it easier on me to do things and not have to rely on others....
Nic - As a filmmaker, who have been some of the biggest influences on you and your work?

Reyna - Now they are all men! Growing up I have had all male influences because in horror, it's all done by men!! Another reason why I am doing this documentary: young girls need some female power here. Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Edgar Allan Poe, and Crispin Glover!!! I just blanked out and forgot her name but the director of "American Psycho" is a huge influence on me. Also any female who kills in a horror movie, now that is awesome. Oh and the actress who played in the movie "Teeth." Yeah, she rocks!!

Nic - What do you think about all the remakes of classic horror films like FRIDAY THE 13TH, HALLOWEEN, and such?

Reyna - I don't really like remakes. I'm not into them and try not to watch them. I admit I do get curious but what can I say, everyone has run out of ideas. Run out of something original to do to the point where now they see cash flowing with these remakes and so now they're remaking everything. I don't agree with it. But with so many coming out now I can see it's the new thing, and slowly horror as we know it will start dying because without the original art of horror what else do we have? Remakes get old and tired and it's the same damn thing every time. That's why I'm hoping to help break it with a script I am working on and soon will be casting for. We need more originality in the horror genre right now.

Nic - There has been a lot of criticism of horror as a genre over the years for promoting violence. What's your take on it?

Reyna - Well you know there's violence everywhere you go, at least this violence is fiction! Unless based otherwise! I don't really see it as promoting violence because in these movies are the bad guys really telling you to go out there and hack somebody to pieces? Horror is a form of entertainment in which one’s mind thinks of something grotesque or sickening for an audience to watch and be scared. Let’s take me for example. I know I have a sick mind and when someone gets me pissed off I do in fact think of ways to kill them, but I know right from wrong. My father raised me right. Do I act on these thoughts? NO!!! I write them down to scare other people. Again

As for these actualy sick bastards - I don't care for them at all! I don't support violence or rape or murder, or clowns eating little children. Those sick bastards obviously were not brought up right or have a chemical imbalance. When I hear about anything on the news that has to do with kidnappings or murder, it does hurt and I don't want to hear about those things ever!

In movies it’s different. It's a movie intended to scare people. To get them to cringe or close their eyes. I don't think it promotes violence at all. If someone wants to watch one of my movies and then go act on it, its their problem, I didn't tell them to do it. There's just something mentally wrong with them. At least that's what I think!!!

Nic - When you're not working on projects for Last Doorway Productions what does Reyna Young like to do for fun?

Reyna - HAHAHAHA I wish I had a life!! No I'm just kidding. I like to play Guitar and write songs. I love to go to the movies or rent movies. Just relaxing with a good movie is great! When I get really irritated I like to watch THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE - it makes me feel better. Also I am a sucker for bubble baths. I love to go to comic book shops and I admit it, I like shopping sometimes! Only sometimes!!!

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