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-Interview by Nic Brown-

It’s nothing unusual for someone to grow up watching movies, but most people, even the big fans, don’t do any more than enjoy the films as a spectator. For actress and aspiring filmmaker Sarah Virginia Brock that isn’t the case. Sarah decided to get off the sidelines and now this young actress has built up an impressive resume of independent film credits including working with writer/director Jim O’Rear on his most recent horror project SCREAM FARM.

Not just limiting herself to film, Sarah also works in theater and in fact it was while working on a dinner theater production that she met her husband! Now this vibrant young actress is taking a few minutes to talk to B Movie Man Nic Brown about her work, her love of film and how she is able to balance her faith in God with her work in the horror genre!

Nic - Sarah, you've been in a number of films and stage productions. How did you get your start as an actress?

Sarah - My parents are both very into film. I grew up watching Alfred Hitchcock movies with my dad. So, having the love of movies has always been a big part of my life. As far as the acting goes, that's hard to say. I've been wanting to do it since I was little. I was never a shy person. My talent is God given, so I give all of that credit to Him.

Nic - I understand you're currently working on a theater production. Can you tell us a little about that?

Sarah - It's a mystery dinner theatre show called Alabama Superstar! It's a parody on American Idol and I play a pop star wannabe. I met my husband doing that show! He plays the Clay Aiken type!

Nic - As an actress which do you find more challenging, working in theater or film?


Sarah - Theater is harder for me because I'm not as cut out for it as I am film. I can't say why that is, though.

Nic - You worked with Jim O'Rear on his film SCREAM FARM. What was your role in that film and how was it working with him?

Sarah - I played an insecure girl name Heather. She was very easily scared and snapped at just about everyone. Kind of the typical teenage girl.


There was a line that just didn't jive with me. It was in the beginning of the film and I was saying, "I heard that Jason, and none for you this weekend." I just didn't believe that someone would say that and mean it. To me, it sounded more like a joke. The director wanted it to come across serious, though. Sadly, it didn't come off well in the movie. It was no one's fault, and I'm not blaming anyone for the way it turned out, it's just what happens sometimes.


It was a lot of fun working with Jim. It's not everyday that an actor can direct himself!

Nic - Many actresses I've spoken with are also interested in working behind the camera. Do you have any plans to write or direct a feature of your own?

Sarah - My husband and I are interested in starting our own production company one day. I would like to do someproducing and some work in the wardrobe department, but my passion will always be acting!

Nic - So what kind of films would you and your husband like to make?

Sarah - We would like to do some horror, but we also want to branch out into children's entertainment and comedy. We're trying to work on a pilot for a kid/adult miniseries. That may not happen for several years, though.

Nic - The horror genre often gets panned for its portrayals of women. How do you feel about women's roles in horror films?

Sarah - It's getting a lot better. It is annoying how much people will use the sex sells excuse in the horror industry. Yeah, it does, but only to a point. Even the most sexually charged people are going to get bored because they are trying to watch a movie. But like I said, it's getting a lot better and not all horror films are like that.

Nic - Which one of the films you've done was your favorite and why?

Sarah - PRETTY VACANTS. That was really challenging for me as an actress. My character was such a sad person and she even got raped in the film. (The scene was NOT graphic, though.) Playing that kind of role is VERY hard but wonderful.

Nic - When you're not making movies how do you like to spend your time?

Sarah - Going to see movies! I'm a total movie buff. I do like shopping as well. I also like to just chill at home and watch TV shows like The Soup or The Simpsons.

Nic - Sarah, you're a Christian and I know that is an important part of your life. Do you ever find that your work in the horror genre conflicts with your beliefs?


Sarah - Sometimes. When I'm in a movie where I feel like it goes against my faith, I talk to the director about it. I'll say why I'm uncomfortable and I'll try and come up with an alternative to it so I won't be a diva and flat out refuse to do something. I don't ever want to become hard to work with. It's a blessing to be in this industry.

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